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Personal Development And Motivation

Motivation. We all know its a good thing to have. It can help us tackle hard jobs and work til completion. It can take dreams and make them start to happen. Or, its lack can leave us filled with abandoned projects and half started desires.

Want to start exercising? Want to give up smoking? Want to write a book? Motivation is the key to our success or lack thereof.

There are only two kinds of motivation when you get right down to it. Only two ways to motivate yourself that make a difference. Positive and negative.

Negative motivation is the most common form. We are motivated to avoid a negative consequence. What happens if we don't go to work? We get fired. Then we can't pay the mortgage and lose our home. So we are motivated to go to work to avoid those negative results.

We were all raised with negative motivation. Avoiding the threat of something bad happening to us. If you don't do your homework, you'll fail your classes and get in trouble. It perhaps got us to do our homework, but negative motivation is just that, negative. It is deflating. We grumble and moan as we do our homework or go to work because we "have to."

Positive motivation is also very useful. You may hate to get up at 4AM. But if you are going to catch a flight to Hawaii tomorrow, you wont mind getting up at 4am at all. You'll likely hop out of bed. When we WANT to do something, we get all excited and enthusiastic. Positive motivation comes with energy and will power.

The thing is, you can start to practice being positively motivated as much as you want in life. Just think of the positive result you are after from an exercise program for a few minutes. Then see if that doesn't start filling you with the desire to get started.

Taking action is the key to motivation of any kind. Positive motivation will just help you to take action with some excitement and enthusiasm, instead of being dragged kicking and screaming into your future. Try more of it in your life and see how it feels.

Action Plan

Energize yourself!  Think of the positives in whatever you are about to do.  Let that energy motivate you and pull you to start working on it!


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