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Personal Self Development And Emotional Skills

In school, we were never taught any emotional skills. We never learned answers to questions like how to deal with difficult emotions, or how to thrive emotionally.

Actually, though, there are many emotional skills that can be learned. Simple but powerful tools like cheerfulness, simply being of good cheer, is something we can learn and practice. And, there are some skills that can be called Higher Emotional Skills.

Conscious Compassion is one kind of higher emotional skill. Most of us tend to think compassion has to hit us, like it does after we watch the news of a hurricane hitting a city. But we don't actually have to wait for compassion, we can generate it. We can bring it into our lives on a regular basis.

That's one of the main things to learn about Higher Emotions. We don't have to sit around waiting for them to strike us. We can learn to bring them on purpose to our lives. We can have lots of compassion fill us up every day, if we want.

Thats why it is called a Higher Emotional Skill. It is something you can learn to generate. Lets say your boss is a pain in the butt. Grumpy, irritable, unthankful, a jerk at times. Youve been complaining about your boss for months.

What if you generated some conscious compassion for your boss? There are several steps we do not have space to go into here on how to do that, but what if you considered these issues: what if your boss is going through a divorce? Or dealing with the death of a loved one? Or what if they, like many of us, are unhappy and dissatisfied with their life but don't know what to do about it?

Suffering is one way to trigger compassion. And in any event, your boss is suffering if they are being rude and a jerk to people. Instead of complaining about your jerk of a boss, what if you generated some compassion for him or her? One change in you is that your anger and upset would begin to melt away. You would have more tolerance and peace around your boss.

There is much more to the Higher Emotional Skills, but they are powerful and can change everything inside you, in your space. Applying something like Conscious Compassion to your circumstances can begin to alter the way life shows up for you. It is worth developing this kind of emotional intelligence.

Personal Self Development Reflections:

What emotional skills have you developed?

What emotions would you like to have more of?

How can you generate or bring more of those emotions into your life?

What do you give back to the world around you?  How satisfying is that?

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