Personal Self Development  

Personal Self Development And Peace

What is personal self development?  What should one do to develop their potential?

Personal development can be defined as

integrating insight with behavior to promote greater wellbeing 

One way to add some instant personal development is through practicing peace.

In today's hectic world, giving peace seems to be a long lost wisdom. We've got to get ahead, we've got to worry about what's on the news and what's happening in the world, we've got to struggle to keep sane and keep our balance. The circumstances of our lives seem to cause stress and anxiety on a regular basis. Peace is a good idea, sure, but in general we don't feel much of it.

All of these reasons, though, are exactly why we need peace in our lives. The actual experience of peace can instantly reduce stress and anxiety and their aftereffects. Peace can instantly add to the quality of our current experience and to our well being. It can allow us to enjoy the struggle and flow of life, rather than stress over it.

Here are some powerful words of wisdom. Learn to give yourself peace. Give it to yourself rather than hope for it or wait for the stars to align and for all the circumstances of your life to be just right. Give yourself peace on purpose.

There are many ways to generate peace in your own life. This short article will focus on just one of them. It is a powerful practice that takes just three to ten minutes, depending on how much time you have. Can you give yourself three minutes to start generating peace into your experience?

Here is a simple peace practice. It is called peacefully remaining or generous spaciousness. You sit alone and quiet for at least three minutes and peacefully remain with whatever shows up in your awareness. You can have your eyes open or closed. You can do this in your car before you go in to work, at lunch, or whenever.

For 3 whole minutes, you ALLOW whatever thoughts and feelings you have without resistance or trying to change or manipulate them. You just notice your thoughts and feelings and let them be just the way they are.

As a general rule, we human beings are unconsciously at war with what is. We are usually trying to resist or change our experience. We struggle with our thoughts and emotions, trying to have good ones and get rid of bad ones. For 3 minutes, you simply practice allowing things to be the way they are. You just breathe and notice and let things be okay just as they arise in your.

Give yourself a few minutes of peace a day and see what happens. If you want to make the world a more peaceful place, start with yourself.

Personal Self Development Reflections:

How much peace do you feel now?

Can you simply add some more allowance and acceptance to your life and circumstances?

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