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Personal Self Development And Purpose

What is personal self development?  What should one do to develop their potential?

Personal development can be defined as

integrating insight with behavior to promote greater wellbeing 

This site promotes self development to inspire insights and understanding that can change your way of being in the world. 

For example, what should you do with your life?  Should your life be about making money?  Sometimes, because you need to handle money in order to pursue your other passions.  But it shouldn't only be about making money.

Should your life be about getting the perfect relationship?  Sometimes, again.  You are hardwired to want and need a mate.  But you can't lose yourself in your relationship, there is more to life than that and it will just end up suffocating your relationship.

Should your life be about finding and following your bliss?  Most definitely.  Finding your passions and pursuing your purpose in life is one of the most satisfying ways of being you can develop.

What is your life purpose? Are you, like so many people, so busy that you barely even care? But ignoring purpose can negatively impact your wellness.

Adulthood has only a few main games. There are only three areas we must focus on to get the most out of life. And one of those areas can be called the Great Game of Significance. We each have to figure out how to live a life that has meaning and value for ourselves and/or others.

You can have a million dollars in the bank. You can have a loving spouse. And, if you aren't winning at the Great Game of Significance, you will often feel empty inside, or that your life is meaningless, or what's the point.

Then you may drink or do drugs to anesthetize that feeling. The pain of meaninglessness is Life's way of saying you need to focus on purpose and worth and living from a different place. Pain is a teacher. Pain usually suggests change. So when we feel the pain of emptiness, like we are just going through the motions, this is nature saying pay attention to richness, pay attention to meaningfulness, pay attention to purpose.

Nobody asks about your purpose on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. We all act like money and relationships are the only two games in town. But when we ignore our significance, what gives our lives meaning, we will find money and relationships to be unfulfilling.

But if you are losing at the Great Game of Significance, life will let you know with feelings of dissatisfaction, emptiness, and boredom. Things that used to make you happy will not be so pleasing. Buying more things may appear totally superficial. When this happens, life is just saying pay attention to your purpose.

How do you win at the Great Game of Significance? What gives life meaning and purpose? Obviously you have to find your own individual answers, but two places to look are as follows. First, find a way to be of service to others. Find a way to give back something. And second, discover and express your passions in life.

There's much more to this issue, but it is worth spending some time on now, rather than waiting for emptiness to knock on your door. Developing your own sense of significance as you go through life will pay off in greater satisfaction and well being.

So personal self development involved learning to win at all 3 of these great games of adulthood.

The good news is that there are well over 100 insights that are easy to understand that can shift your way of being with some simple focus and attention.  Insights that can add to your well being and add up to a life fully lived.

Personal Self Development Reflections:

What would you say your purpose is?

What are two or three of your passions?

What do you give back to the world around you?  How satisfying is that/


Go here for a free course on a number of insights that can add to the quality of your life.    And it just could be that any insights that add to the quality of your life amount to personal self development that matters.



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